About The OAC

We are a diverse group of artists who enjoy supporting, sharing, communicating and collaborating with other fellow artists. OAC members are: Painters, Sculptors, Photographers and Mixed-Media Artists.

Our members conduct workshops, run critique seminars, curate art shows, participate in other community shows and events, and go on art related field trips together. We encourage our members to participate in art activities, shows and other groups throughout our community, and to share their experiences. Having adventures is one of the hallmarks of the OAC.

We are an IRS-501(c) 3 not for profit group, which allows us to conduct classes and work with charities. This also means we have a Board of Directors and annual dues. Even though we have a board we are not a board-centered group. All decisions are determined by a majority of our members. Our annual membership is $30.00, which helps to pays for group shows, classes and guest speakers. Extra fee may be required for participation in gallery shows.

Our members have shown and participated in various art venues in and around Orlando Florida, such as CityArts Factory, Mega Con, Third Thursdays, Dandelion, Pom Poms, and FAVO.

The Orlando Art Collective meets on the Second Thursday of each month between 6:30-8:30 pm, unless otherwise specified, at Sugar Skull Mosaics 813 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 

Meet Our Artists

Harold “Harry” Powell 

Harry is our current Board President of the Orlando Art Collective and is one of the Collective’s founding members. He is a contemporary male figurative, science fiction and fantasy acrylic artist. His works are bold and colorful and that appeal to his geeky nature. You can find his work on Facebook/The Art of HC Powell and at www.hcpowell.com.

Barbie Nowick 

Barbie is our current Board Vice President and joined the Orlando Art Collective in 2012. She is a mixed media artist with her inspiration coming from working and living in the sunshine state. You can find her work on Facebook/Barbie Nowick Artisan Creations, and Esty/ArtisunCreations.

Susan Fallows 

Susan is our current Board Secretary. She is a photographer and mixed media artist with an interest in combining text and images through collage and book arts. Susan joined the Collective in October 2014. You can find her work on Facebook/SusanFallows.

Jack Fowler 

Jack is our current Board Treasurer and is one of the Collective’s founding members. He is a figurative painter.  He works in oils, watercolors, and encaustics.  You can find his work on Facebook/Jack.Fowler.

Lisa Sullivan Dunlop 

Lisa is one of the Collective’s founding members. She works in oils, mixed media, collage and mixed media assemblage, and has been playing in the Orlando art scene pool since 2007. You can find her work on Facebook/The Art of Lisa Sullivan Dunlop and lisasullivandunlop.indiemade.com.

Greg Stock 

Greg is one of the Collective’s founding members. He is an acrylic painter and creates land and seascapes.  You can find his work on Facebook/GregStock1.

Louis Ammirato

Louis joined the collective in November 2012. He paints in acrylics, oils, pen and ink, and mixed media in the style of realism and surrealism. His paintings probe the unconscious world of dreams and fantasy.  Recent Exhibits: Casa Feliz(Historical home) acrylics on paper, Slice of Life @ CityArts Factory, Dia Los Muertos @ CityArts Factory, and various local shows.  You can find his work on Facebook/The Art Gallery of Louis Ammirato, SaatchiArt/PassionBrushTwitter @ammiratolouis, Tumblr/tenaciousartistgladiatorEtsy/The Wide Range Art Shop, and Pinterest/louisammirato7.

Cherie Bosela

Cherie joined the Collective in January 2013. She is a mixed media and mosaic artist. Her mosaic work has been included in exhibits at The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, 1st Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art, Mayor’s Gallery in Orlando’s City Hall, CityArts Factory, Lexington Center Museum & Gallery, and Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TXto name a few.  Recently several pieces of her artwork was published in “Bonnie Fitzgerald’s Guide to Mosaic Technique”.  She has won several awards for her mosaic work.  In 2014, she joined the Society of American Mosaic Artists Board of Trustees.  Cherie is the new proud owner of Luna Mosaic Arts!  You can find her work on Facebook/CherieBosela.MixedMediaArtist, Esty/CherieBosela, and www.cheriebosela.com.

Christine Newell 

Christine joined the Collective in August 2014. She is a creative entrepreneur and portrait artist specializing in acrylic and graphite in addition to also creating various works of mixed media art. Recent exhibits include Slice of Life @ CityArts Factory, Dia Los Muertos @ CityArts Factory. You can find her work at ArtPal.com/LeftSideArt, Pinterest/LeftSideArt, and at LeftSideArt.com.

Gretchen Smith 

Gretchen joined the Collective in August 2014. She is an acrylic painter enamored with the life, vibrancy, and the color that permeates the south.  Gretchen sees the world through curious eyes. She looks upon decay as a record of history, all the layers of what was and how they became what is. She is full of hopeful wonder, and that wonder is what she paints. Always full of color and contrast Gretchen’s Art is meant to reflect back the beauty of our existence, and the curiosity behind it. There is a sadness in that view, but more than that there is unbelievable joy.  You can find her work on Facebook/Gretchen.RaymondSmith, Etsy/Art of Gretchen Smith, YouTube, and www.artofgretchensmith.com.

Amber Pressly

Amber joined the Collective in January 2015. She is an acrylic painter and photographer. She enjoys volunteering with local artists through the Art by Coalition Children program for children living at the Coalition for the Homeless.  You can find her work on Facebook/Amber.Lynn.Pressly

Joshua Goldstein

Josh joined the Collective in January 2017.

Artist & Group Events

Show your support by visiting our local artist at individual and group events.

May 2018

Third Thursday: Annual OAC group art show at CityArts Factory in the Magic Gallery 6-10pm

October 2018

Annual OAC group participation in Day of the Dead show at CityArts Factory

*3rd Thursday's Downtown Orlando

Each month on the third Thursday, you can usually find most of our group members art-hopping in downtown Orlando to support local artists who may be showing at local restaurants, bars, and other establishments.  Come out and join us!  

View the April 2016 3rd Thursday OrlandoLive Interview with OAC! 

Barbie Nowick is speaking during the first 30 seconds; Christine Newell starts at the 3 minute mark

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100% of proceeds is used by The Orlando Art Collective to support your local artists.

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OAC Group Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month at

Luna Mosaic Arts, 813 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803



monthly workshops and events are subject to change


Glass Mosaic Pendants with Cherie Bosela


Gelli Plate Printing with Susan Fallows


To be announced


Mixed Media and Art Journaling with Christine Newell


Business Topics / Art show prep

CityArts 2019 Member Show!


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Board Elections


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OAC Holiday Party / December Art Show

Membership Information


Member benefits

Members get to participate in monthly group meetings where we learn new art techniques, discuss how to expand our creative businesses, and network with other local artists.  As a group member, you have the opportunity to participate in group shows once or twice a year at large platforms such as CityArts Factory.  Also, you are encouraged to utilize The OAC's well-known name and reputation to further support your art through use of our Facebook page and website.


How you can join

Let us know if you're interested in joining by completing the form below.  Your information will remain private and you may receive occasional announcement emails from OAC.  If accepted into the group, you will be emailed a Membership Registration Form.

Our annual membership dues is $30.00 per member, which goes towards the costs of group gallery shows, seminars, workshops, and guest speakers.

We have two types of memberships: Artist Membership ($30) and Household Membership ($50). Artist memberships are for individual artists over 18 years of age; household memberships are for 2 artists from the same household, or for those with a supporting partner, friend, or family member that may not be an artist, but would like to be involved as a supportive member of you and our group. 


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