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Let's get messy! If you want to learn how to create your own beautiful mixed media and art journal pages, follow along on my YouTube channel. I also review products that I use and provide list of all products used in my art.

A new mixed media or art journal is added every month!

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Monthly Inspiration


Jan 2018 Inspirational computer/phone/tablet background - left side art

Art Journal for Beginners - Spread Your Wings - Left Side Art

Art Journal in 3 easy steps - left side art

Free monthly backgrounds - left side art

May Backgrounds

Art Journal, Mixed Media backgrounds - left side art

LSA monthly backgrounds - June 2018 Curiosity

Left Side Art - July 2018 Love Express Discover

Left Side Art - Monthly Inspiration - Free Download

September Backgrounds 

left side art - monthly inspirations

left side art - inspirational downloads - oct 2018

Left Side Art  - monthly inspirational backgrounds

December Backgrounds 

LSA Monthly Inspiration - Dec 2018

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Monthly Inspiration 


LSA Dream of Being More


Monthly Inspirational Boards - left side art

LSA Monthly Inspiration - Christmas

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