You can turn your creative passions into a full-time business.  

You just need to know what to do and how to get started.  

With the resources at Left Side Art, you can do this and you don't have to do it alone.

30+ page workbook to get you started

With this 3 part guide, you will be walked through a few simple worksheets to realize the potential behind your business idea.  Here, you will learn how to tailor what you can offer and how this will meet the needs of your potential customers.  You will also learn some website basics, and finally, you'll learn how to market your business through simple social media strategies.

Business Launch for Creatives

Build your website and start selling


In less than 3 hours, you can have your own site up and running

With this tutorial, you will be able to design your own site with your own style, you will have your own shop, blog, and email sign-up boxes.  You will be able to track your traffic analytics and more.


Module 2

  • Connect your Social Media and Google Analytics
  • Collect email addresses with MailChimp
  • Set up your Shop
  • Footer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies
  • and more!

Module 1

  • Get set up with a new account (2 week free trial)
  • Learn how to navigate the front and back ends of your site
  • Build your menu, home page, and blog
  • Personalize your site
  • Build your first blog post

Extra bonuses  

  • Tips and tricks on how to set up your pages like the pros
  • Best ways to add photos
  • MailChimp how-to for beginners
  • Create and add your own favicon




Sometimes you just don’t know where to find great resources. You can start with Google, but even then if you don’t search for the right key term, you might be missing someone who can really make a difference in your creative business.

This list is always growing so check back often for updates.  



The Ultimate List of Business Resources for Creatives - left side art

Online Resources

SEO Strategy

Blogging Advice  

Product Promotion

Self-Promotion Advice for Artists

General Business Resources and Advice

Creative Business Consultant

Communication Tools

Creative Tools


If you're an artist wanting to learn more about how to sell your art and make a full-time living at it, I highly recommend these 4 books.


This is a list of 9 Podcasts for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs that I personally use.  Enjoy!

  1. Art Marketing Action Podcasts from Alyson B. Stansfield
  2. Tate Shots
  3. Artists Helping Artists
  4. The Abundant Artist
  5. The Fizzle Show
  6. The Smart Passive Income Podcast 
  7. AskPat
  8. TED Radio Hour
  9. The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast

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