Branding & Website Design Process

Your business is unique.  Your brand should be too. 

Why do you need a brand?  A brand is more than just a pretty logo.  Your logo states your business name while your brand tells people the story of your business.  A well designed brand gives your customers that feeling of familiarity with you and your products and needs to be consistent across all of your marketing materials, online platforms, and communications.    

The logo templates you see for sale on various sites are often reused from one client to the next.  You are unique, your business is unique, and your logo should not have to settle for an off-the-shelf design.  The right logo can inspire people to want to know more about your business and is the keystone to your overall brand.  


1. Let's chat and get you booked!  I love that almost anything can be done online these days, but sometimes you just need a good old fashioned conversation.  This is a big move for you and likely a big investment.  Let's talk and be sure we are a right fit for each other.  We'll chat about expectations and availability.  

Once we have the details worked out, I'll email you a simple contract with a complete work scope and schedule to be sure we are on the same page.  Of course, if something comes up that we didn't expect, we can adjust for that too.  This is a no pressure zone.  

Your 50% milestone payment is due at the time of contract agreement in order to be booked.

2. Questionnaire, Inspiration Package, Content:  Now that we have a start date, you'll receive a little bit of homework to complete before your start date.  You'll receive a short list of questions about your business.  If you need a domain (web address), this is where I'll walk you through how to find an available domain for your website and social media accounts.

You'll also create an inspiration package.  The purpose of the inspiration package is so I can see what inspires you and get a feel for what your style is like.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with a Pinterest board, otherwise you can email me photos or send me links to different things you like.    

If you are going all the way with the Full Package, then this also is when you'll also start to create content for your site (site description blog posts, about page, etc.) and gather photos that you will want loaded.  

3. Developing your branding package: We'll start with a personalized style guide created just for you based on your questionnaire and inspiration package.  It will include a color palette and main sources of inspiration that will create the foundation of your style to be sure we are on the right track (2 revisions).  

From there, you'll receive 3 completely different design choices for your main logo.  Pick your favorite and revise it up to 2 times.  

Once your main logo is finalized, you'll receive 2 variations and 2 sub marks to choose from (1 revision each).  

Finally, you'll receive your final brand style package which will include your logos, color palette, patterns, and font styles that will complete your brand.  

Congrats! You've been branded!  

For Branding Packages, your final 50% milestone payment will be due prior to receiving files.  For Full Packages, continue on to step 4.


A simple yet beautiful and functional website of your own is key to engaging with your clients.

A professional website for any business is absolutely necessary to expand your online presence.  Your website is your platform to tell your story, sell your products, and reach your clients.  Maintaining and updating a website is not complicated after it has been set up for you.  Your launch day will include a 2 hour training session to ensure a smooth transition and 2 additional hours of training to use within 60 days.    


4. Building your customized website and designing your marketing materials!  With your brand package finalized, we'll start building your website.  During the time your site is being built, a temporary "Coming Soon" page will be displayed with any information you need posted such as contact information.  

This is where the rest of the responses to your original questionnaire and your content will come in handy.  Depending on the type of site you need as decided in Step 1, you'll may have several different types of pages set up.  Examples are your home, about, gallery, e-commerce, blog, and contact pages.  Your site will be customized to your needs and your brand package will be uploaded throughout your site.  

You will have a complete site including connections to MailChimp, Amazon, and Google Analytics as necessary.  Your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions will be loaded as well if needed.

To be sure we are on the right track, you will be able to see your site when it is about half way completed and be able to view its progress.  

Next, your 3 choices of marketing materials such as business cards and letterhead will be designed and ordered (1 revision each).  Your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Board covers and thumbnails will be uploaded.  Your MailChimp will be updated with your new brand and logos which will allow you to be ready to start collecting emails and sending newsletters right away.   

5. Almost there!  Finally, your fully personalized website is ready and you are ready to launch.  Your brand style guide and logos are implemented into your website, social media accounts are updated, and your marketing materials are ordered.

Now it's time to learn.  We'll have a 2 hour session to be sure you know how to log into your site, update your content, check your website metrics, and send your first newsletter.

Your final 50% payment will be due at this time.  Once received, your "Coming Soon" page will be brought down, your site will be launched, and you will receive various file types of your logos (JPG, PNG, EPS).

Within 60 days, you will have 2 more hours of training or trouble shooting time with me.