Creative & Marketing Services


It's okay to ask for help.  Running your own business is time consuming!   

For all of those extra things you need to get done in a day, there are a few that I can definitely help you with!  If you need something that's not on this list, simply let me know in the contact form below and I'll get back to you!


Website Management

Full website management service specific to Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly accounts charged at $65/hour support rate as needed to maintain full functionality of your site.  We will first agree to the specific support you require and for how many hours per month so there are no surprises!

Marketing Support

Each area of marketing support listed below is charged at the same $65/hour rate and a quote will be provided specific to your needs so you know exactly what to expect!

Social Media Accounts

  • Upload 2 times per week to 3 accounts of your choice promoting your website, products, services, and blog posts
  • Receive monthly updates on analytics for each site in an organized and downloadable PDF

Weekly or bi-weekly Blog Posts

  • Development of specific blog posts for your site including necessary research, affiliate links, photos, and infographics
  • 300 - 500 word range 

Newsletter Distributions

  • 2 per month promoting your products, services, events, and more


Freebie Add-Ons

Business Cards, Laptop Skins, General Office Supplies

  • If we create a logo and brand for you, then we will order you business cards, laptop skins, or general office supplies like stationary at your request.  You will only be charged pass-through costs for the actual order.  These can be ordered at anytime, just shoot us an email.  

Email me with the form below for a customized quote or to answer any of your questions.  I'll be happy to hear from you.

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