Social Media Cheat Sheets For Every Business: Times and Sizes

Social media is has to be an integral part of your business.  But it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and frustration trying to find the right sizes for photos or the best times to post.  

These are great guides for some of the most used social media sites.  The photo sizes noted below are a great reference for any business.  The suggested posting times should act as a starting point to tailoring to your specific audience.


Courtesy of  SurePayroll

Courtesy of SurePayroll

In summary, 

Facebook: 1pm-4pm

Twitter: Mondays-Thursdays, 1pm-3pm

LinkedIn: Tuesdays-Thursdays

Pinterest: Saturday mornings

     Pinterest guru Anna C. Bennett with White Glove Social Media reviewed several case studies where 2-4pm and 8pm-1am showed to be the best times to post to Pinterest.  

Tumblr: Friday Evenings, 7pm

Google+: 9am-10am      



Courtesy of  Omnicore

Courtesy of Omnicore

In summary,

The two sizes I usually stick with for posting photos is 1024x512 for landscape photos.  If you have text on your photo, try to keep it in the center and you should do fine with most of the auto cropping.

Other great resources that you might not know about but are definitely worth checking out: Fast CompanyMinterestOkDork