But it's already been done...

The internet can sometimes seem like it is saturated with so much content, that it can be overwhelming trying to decide if you should go forward with your business idea. I was recently watching my favorite girls, Hoda and Kathy Lee, when they went to a segment on how to stage your house to attract potential buyers. The guest was someone I did not know and that made me think: if this guy unknown to me can get on a national tv show and pitch the same strategy for staging your house that many other people had already done...we've all seen these pitches before.... then why should I stop from developing certain parts of my business just because someone else had already done it?

There's a time when we all second guess ourselves and our motivations for doing things. If you are passionate about pursing something, then do it with your whole heart even if it's already been done. So what would be different if you do it? Just like this house staging guy, you'll bring your own personal perspective that others will benefit from. Each of us have something to offer - maybe it's a new twist on an old subject that needs you to revive it! It seems there are so many people, so many experts even, on every subject made possible by national tv and the Internet.

Each opportunity brings an unique perspective and the world is waiting for yours

Here is sample of my favorite people I follow.

Each of these people are well-known experts in their area of focus. Click on each and see how they are different. They each have their own unique style. Look how they present their material, what references they use, and the overall layout of their website. Each have something to bring to the subject that is completely theirs.

Painting and Drawing Tutorials:

  • Lachri Fine Art  Lisa from Lachri Fine Art also provides a lot of vlogs with creative business related subjects.  Definitely worth checking out!
  • Jason Morgan Excellent tutorials on painting wildlife and provides copy right free photos to sell your paintings from.
  • ThePortraitArt An amazing portrait artist that is absolutely inspiring.

Art Journals:

Creative Business Advisors:

  • Blacksburg Belle by April Bolin has an abundance of information on her site to help people get going with their creative business
  • Artsy Shark by Carolyn Edlund is known for helping artists
  • Market Your Creativity by Lisa Jacobs will help you increase your site traffic and sales

Top Blogs:

  • Tim Ferriss well-known for his 4-hour book series and is rated as one of the top blogs ever.
  • Pat Flynn is behind the famous Smart Passive Income blog where he tells you how he started from ground zero and unemployed to making over $100k/month.
  • Darren Rowse got started with ProBlogger after a friend suggested he start blogging about blogging.  Genius.

Side note: Please understand these are just examples that I randomly selected for this article so you can understand how similar, yet very different, each of the business models truly are.  There are thousands of examples I could have selected.   

You might be asking yourself why would someone want my new perspective and how would I get people to start following me? Expanding your network, especially if you're starting at ground zero, is probably one of the hardest aspects of owning an online business.

Break into your niche market and get noticed

Standing out from the crowd and expanding your network are probably the hardest things you'll experience.

Recognize exactly what you are going to deliver to your followers that will keep them coming back.

  • What makes you unique?
  • What is so eye-catching about your individual style?
  • What can you offer that no one else in your market is offering?

Understand it will take a lot of effort and time to develop a large group of followers and even more work to keep expanding to new people.

Here are a few things you can do to speed up this process:

Write about other bloggers within your blog who are in your niche.  Explain how they inspired you to do what you do and post a link to their site. You would appreciate someone writing nice things about you and your business on their blog, so why not do this for them? You might get the same in return from them one day, which brings me to the next point.

Network, network, network! And once you think you've done enough networking, network some more! There are major blogs and online communities for just about every market these days. Find the one that is related to what you are offering and get involved. Visit an online forum and give free, quality pointers. Be recognized as an expert and start driving traffic to your site.

Guest blogging is another great idea which a lot of people do not take advantage of. Literally ask another blogger that is established if you can write a blog for them. Try to be prepared with a great topic that you really think they can benefit from. Take time and explore their site for any gaps you notice in their content and politely ask if you can fill it with quality content written in similar manner as the rest of their content so it will flow. You may have better luck if you are just starting out by contacting someone who is what you could consider mid-stream rather than going straight to whomever is at the top of your niche market. You might have better luck.

The more traffic you have coming to your site and the more backlinks (your website address literally posted on another site), the higher the ranking you will be in Google when someone searches for you. This is an entirely other topic on its own, but for now, be aware of this concept.

Persistence pays off. Work hard, stay consistent in your efforts, and most importantly, don't give up!