How I Got My First Followers on Social Media

We often hear about super success stories with new businesses taking off right from day one.  They have 10,000 email sign-ups in the first month!  Or something like that.  But how do they do that?  Luck?  A post or video that went viral?  Maybe they have tried and failed 100 times before that and now have success.  We might not ever really know the truth behind some of these stories.  

So what is it like for the every day person just starting out?  If you’re like me, you’re trying to figure it all out at once.  How to figure out your business model, how to market yourself, how to set up a website.… all of that fun stuff that goes with creating a new business.  That’s why you’ll find easy to follow articles on Left Side Art without the fluff to get you going in the right direction.

I’m going to give you some personal insight into how the first two months of Left Side Art have progressed.  I’m learning new things everyday from the experts in social media marketing and will share what I learn with you.  

I continually use Buffer to post articles from around the web and my own articles at specific times during the day.  I am currently using the free version for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Buffer provides suggested times for posts depending on the platform and your geographical target.  

For specific social media posting times, check out this post.


I was able to do just as much work in posting relevant articles for Facebook and Twitter, but after 2 months, I have over 500 twitter followers and only half as many Facebook likes.  My twitter followers continue to grow steadily day after day, but my Facebook likes remain stagnate unless I am joining new groups or using ads.

I also get quite a few click throughs for each Left Side Art article I post. 

My 28 day summary as of the end of May looks like this:


I had over 7,000 pins on my personal page with about 70 followers when I decided to convert to a business page.  I converted rather than start a new business account.  This approach might not work for you and your business, but I see my personal and business profile being linked: creative side + business stuff is kind of the point of Left Side Art. 

The trend below shows a starting point of 0 around May 4th.  This is the day I converted and my analytics started tracking.  I now have over 10,000 views and 120 engagements (likes, repins, opens) each day and the trend continues to steadily grow.  


I haven’t had much luck with Google+.  I have over 2,000 views, but 0 followers.  Over the past 30 days, there have been a little over 300 views and only a handful of clicks.    


It’s easy to set up a Facebook page, but it might not be so easy to get followers.  When I first set up Left Side Art’s Facebook page, I started with zero and worked up to 266 by mid-May.  I used two methods to get off the ground: a $50 free coupon from WordPress (this is before I switched to SquareSpace two months later) for adds and I joined other groups.  These two methods equated practically in a like for a like.  I would get 5 likes from the ads, and 5 likes from the groups.  


When I view my Google Analytics one month summary, it’s interesting to see Facebook dominates.  When I visit my Facebook analytics directly, my posts only reach a few people at a time.    

What’s next?

My next step is to develop a LinkedIn account and explore more into using social media news sites like Reddit, Digg, HubPage, and StumbleUpon.  I also have a goal to post more often.  I am currently posting about once a week which in my opinion, and from the research I’ve done, is not enough.  I’m going to try two blogs a week, with a goal of three.  If you’re like me working a full time job and have a family to care for, you know this is not an easy task, but hopefully this will help propel my ranking and overall authority. 

Regardless of what platform you choose to use, remember social media etiquette: like or follow back, post relevant information and post often.