Focus Your Blog Around Your Customer To Be Successful

Every business, whether you have a creative small business or a large architectural firm, should have a blog in addition to their website.  Your product, service, and blog should be designed around your customers’ wants, needs, and desires.  You can imagine your blog content as the glue between your customer and the overall success of your business.  

Add too much, and you’ll be a mess with topics all over the place.  Add too little, and you won’t be able to keep your customers engaged.  In the wrong spot, and you’ll miss your target customer.  You want a consistent and perfectly placed stream of blogging to keep your customers engaged and focused on your business.

Focus Your Blog Around Your Customer To Be Successful - left side art

Many people who have their own small business are often somewhat fearful of blogging.  Either they have never tried it on their own and do not know where to start, or they have tried and failed.  Learning how to blog is like learning any other new skill: it takes practice and dedication. 

Benefits for having a blog include higher SEO ranking and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry.  The more you write about a topic, the more you are seen as a knowledgable expert by the search engines and by people in your industry.  Blogging provides a platform for your readers to get to know you, ask you questions, and share your blogs through social media, which in turn helps build relationships with your readers.  Overall, people are able to better relate your product or service with you and your brand. 

Where am I after 4 months of continued blogging?

In four months of having this blog, I have learned a lot.  The first few blogs I created were very random and I wasn’t too sure which direction I wanted to go.  My goal is to create a resource for creatives to improve their business side of their creative world (you might have seen this tag line around my site a few times).  But there is so much to cover.  How do I streamline and focus my blog so that it makes sense?  

I started by separating my blogs into three main categories: Experts, Business, and Inspiration.  As a resource and informational site, it is important to organize information in a way that is easy for readers to find.  I am tailoring the content to support my current products and services and will continue to expand my blog topics as I expand my services.     

The Experts section is where I want to focus on other entrepreneurs that have become successful: what were their methods, how long did it take, what can others lean from them, what advice do they have to offer, and so on.  These are the questions I will try to answer so other creative entrepreneurs can learn and grow.  This section also acts as a resource page to find exactly who is the industry expert in specific areas such as SEO.  I will provide the highlights and an overview of what you need to be aware of as a creative entrepreneur, but when you need more specific information, you will know who to go to.

As an alternative to guest blogging, some of my blogs will focus on reviewing industry experts to get their point of view.  You may have seen one of my latest blogs with Lisa from Lachri Fine Art.  She is a perfect example of a successful creative entrepreneur trying to educate other creatives on how to market themselves and become better in business.  By creating this blog, I was excited to see how many artists then contacted me directly for more information regarding blogging.  I saw a spike in my traffic, and also was inspired to create a more specific article for artists on the importance of blogging.  Without blogging, I would have missed out on this opportunity to connect with so many people. 

The Business section contains the in’s and out’s of running your own online business.  It can be a complicated online world out there, and this section will help you learn exactly what you need to know to become successful.  This is a massive undertaking as there is a lot to know so I started a series of easy to follow worksheets.  <<link to part 1 sign up>>  In addition to the worksheets, I will be starting a series of webinars dedicated to helping creative business owners grow their online presence.  The first will be how to build your own blog.  Check out the details for upcoming webinars here.   

The Inspiration section is just that: a little good ‘ole fashioned inspiration.  Running your own online business is not easy and sometimes it can get tough.  It’s nice to sometime have that extra little kick in the tush to keep you on focused and on track with your goals.

I also added a Resource page that is continually growing.  If I find a resource that other creatives are using and it is a great resource to have, I want others to know about it.  The amount of information on the web is overwhelming, so I try to weed out the best and make that information available in a neatly organized fashion.  The resource page alone has been repined on Pinterest more times than any of my other Left Side Art pins.

Overall, my visits per day and overall page views continue to grow each month and have really picked up speed lately.  

I can contribute a huge amount of my traffic to my blogging being shared through social media.  Ranking for key terms, back linking, and certain marketing strategies also play a part.  

If you are new to blogging, stick with the basics and remain consistent.  You will have a great method for connecting with your customers and your customers will be able to connect with you.