Making It As A Web-Based Creative Entrepreneur

It’s been six months since I officially launched Left Side Art and I’m proud to say I earned my first official commission.  If you’ve been following my New Blog Series, you know that I have been working on my business while working full time for a large company and raising two very young boys.  I wish I could spend more time on my side business, but it’s tough. 

Making it as a web-based Creative Entrepreneur - left side art

Over these past six months, I have learned more about the online blogging world than I ever thought possible.  I also was fortunate to have many opportunities to reach and educate people on how to grow their small business, and I have discussed upcoming opportunities with several more potential clients.  I am excited to see what the next six months will bring.  

For the past two months, I have spent a lot more time dedicated to marketing my services to my ideal customer.  I have joined additional key Facebook groups and Pinterest boards, updated my LinkedIn profile which was long over due, and reached out to people in my niche for collaboration opportunities.  

With these additional steps, I came across a guest blogging opportunity at ArtsandClassy.com.  Here, I spoke about 10 Quick and Effective Marketing Tips Every Creative Needs to Know.  I included a bonus quiz and the number 10 because of an article I read at business2community.  I don’t know how much that really helped, but I figured it was worth a shot.  I linked back to my site for the free quiz download available through an email subscription box.

I’ve learned to be flexible in what I offer for services and flexible in the way I structure my site.  I continually try to make my site easily accessible and have been making some tweaks to improve it.  I’m constantly thinking of what my ideal customer would need so they can continue to be successful: what will they benefit from knowing and how can I make their lives easier.   

I spent a huge amount of time this month developing a simple, yet detailed, how-to on building your own website.  It is a 2-part PDF guide with a voice-over screen recording.  I had great response from this and have more plans for similar items that help creatives start or expand their business.    

I also spent a great deal of time on my first major client that will have recurring work.  This work is exciting and rewarding.  I developed this business to specifically help creatives be more established so it is nice when I get to see it actually happen.

So what’s next? 

With so much of my time taken up this month to my tutorial on 'building your own website' and client work, I did not spend enough time blogging.  This was a major fail and my analytics show for it.  I plan on stepping it back up next month with a focus on my ideal customer, marketing on platforms where they are likely to be visiting.  I also plan to have a few more strategically placed affiliate links throughout my site to help with monetization and I need to get back in the habit of using my LongTailPro for keyword search to improve my SEO.

I will continue to practice what I preach: focus your blog around your customer, market your products and services around your customer’s needs, and most importantly, do it because you love it.