It's July! Reset Your New Year's Goals and Push Your Business Forward

If you’re a New Year’s resolution goal setting type of person, take a moment and look back on your goals for this year.  You’re 6 months in….Have you accomplished all you set out to do?  Or are there some goals that you have yet to tackle?  Don’t wait until the next Jan 1st to figure out what your goals are!  Here are some examples of great goals for all creative entrepreneurs to help you continually push to the next level.  

it's July! Reset Your New Year's Goals and continue to push your business to the next level - left side art

Increase your online presence

What does this mean?  Post more to social media, write more blog posts, and offer your services and sell your products in more places than you are today.  If you currently write one blog post a month, try to increase that to two a month.  Personally, this is my goal.  I am busy with a full-time job, clients through LeftSideArt, kids, and all of the other activities I have going on.  Finding time to do more blogging is hard, but helps increase traffic to my site, which means more potential clients and sales.

Join one new social media site

If you’re well versed at Facebook and you’ve had a business page set up for quite a while, try exploring Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.  You can link most of these accounts together to keep your social media posting schedule simple (learn more here).  

Make 3 new contacts

Expanding your professional network can be key to your growth.  Find people in your niche that have been at least somewhat successful.  Learn from them how to grow your business by trading advice, or even by trading services.  You can find existing groups to join or start your own through places like Facebook groups and Meetup.com.

Sell your products in 1 new place

If Etsy or Fine Art America are your go-to places for selling your arts and crafts online, then try a social media platform.  You can sell on just about every major social media networking platform like my favorite top 3: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Get a professional website set up

The key word here is “professional”.  Just because you have a website doesn’t mean it looks great or is attracting the traffic you desire.  You can’t be in business this day in age without having a professional website to showcase your business.  There are some great, low cost, and super effective do-it-yourself platforms out there (SquareSpace, Wiz, Weebly, IndieMade).  All you have to do is have the basics like a home page, about page, a place where you describe your services or products, and a shop.

Keep pushing your business to the next level.  Write down your goals and hold yourself accountable.  You’ll thank yourself this time next year for all of the progress you’ve made.