A Mini Guide to Social Media Strategy

I was very fortunate to be invited for the second time to talk at artLENS in downtown Orlando, FL.  artLENS started as a private Facebook group with quarterly artist socials, but has grown into an event where artists and creative entrepreneurs can learn how to grow their business.

This quarter, I spoke about Social Media Strategy.  This is a subject that most businesses struggle with trying to understand.  It is forever complex and changing.  

My advice to solo entrepreneurs is to stick with the basics.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Consistent engagement with your followers by posting throughout the day or week and responding to every comment 
  • Use common sense with keywords and hashtags
  • Be on 1-2 platforms actively at a minimum, 3-4 at a max
  • Have a mobile responsive website
  • Do not sell on every platform possible, but do what you can keep up with and makes sense to your business
  • Have a completed bio on each of your platforms
  • Link to your mobile responsive website
  • Link to your newsletter (MailChimp is what I use)
  • Post informatively more often than posting to sell
  • Use business accounts for social media platforms

If you are in the Orlando area, find out more about artLENS here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/artlensorlando/

    You can have all of my notes that I used during this presentation below in PDF format.  

    My goal is to weed through a lot of the hype you find on the internet and bring you the best tips possible.  Social Media marketing is complex and can seem overwhelming.  If you are consistent and persistent, your efforts will pay off.

    Scheduling tools are a great way to keep on top of your social media.  I personally use Hootsuite and BoardBooster for Pinterest.  I also use a planner that I keep updated and remain on track for what I see necessary to meet my goals. 

    Decide what your goals are and really think about what you need to get there.  Be honest with yourself on how you plan to grow and never take on more than you can handle.