8 Building Blocks of a Killer About Page

One of the first pages people visit after they see your Home page is your About page.  Your Home page is often more like a landing sales page that gives a someone a high level overview of what your site will provide them.  

8 Building Blocks of a Killer About Page.  Deliver a clear message of who you are.  - left side art

Your About page is where people go to learn more about you and your business.  They want to see enough detail about you to feel like they have a bit of insight about the type of person you are and what they can really expect from your business.  This can be a crucial turing point for getting people to stick around and browse your site, or they might just leave.

Building Your About Page

1. What is the focus of your business?

Be very clear on what your business is going to provide your customers.  You know your business better than anyone and sometimes it is not clear just by looking around at your site.  People love clarity, so just put a few simple and very clear sentences together.  

Let's say you sell mosaic art sculptures.  It might be pretty evident what you're selling, but you can be super clear by stating that each of your pieces are created by you with handmade tile that come from your hometown.

2. What can you offer your customer that no one else can?

Check out your competition and see what you are offering your customers that they are not.  This is what your customers are doing when searching for a product or service, so you better know what they are seeing.  This will help you understand how you stand out from the crowd.

If you're selling a service that is extremely similar to your top competitors, you must have a reason for jumping on the bandwagon.  And no, being in it just to make money is not a reason.  Why do you care about offering this service?  What are you doing differently from your competition?  

3. Who are you and what is your passion?

People want to know who you are and feel like they have a personal connection with you.  Describe what you are passionate about and how this relates or supports your business goals.  If you are an artist and you have already created your Artist Statement, pull a few key sentences from there.

4. Why are you the expert on this subject?  

Describe your background and how this relates to your business.  Maybe you have been producing this product for a number of years, or maybe you have been providing this service to clients with fantastic results.  Provide a few testimonials from past clients to help substantiate your position.

5. Provide a sign-up box and social buttons

Capturing people’s email addresses should be your number one goal on most of your pages.  Without their email addresses, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to contact people directly.  

If people like what they see, give them a way to share it.  Add you social sharing buttons.

6.Show a photo of yourself or your team

Don’t be shy.  Get a professional photo of yourself and your team (no selfies, please).  Smile, make eye contact, and look relaxed yet helpful.  Easy, right?  A photographer, or a good friend with mad camera skills, can help you out with this.  Letting people see you will help you connect with your audience.

7. Provide a way for people to contact you

Your About page is often where people go to find a way to contact you.  Regardless if you have your contact information in your footer or on a Contact page all by itself, still provide your email, phone number, business hours, physical address, or however you want people to contact you.

8. End with an action and a takeaway  

Just as you do in all of your blog posts, end your About page with an actionable item and a very clear takeaway.  People love to have something to go and do.  This can be as simple as providing a key article for them to read or send them to your products page to check out what you have for them to buy.  By having a clear takeaway, your message is more rememberable.  Remind them why you are here and what they can expect from your business.


Your About page likely gets more traffic than most of your other pages.  Spending a little bit of time on each of the 8 items above will make a huge impact on getting people to stick around and keep coming back for more.  Now, go and look at your About page.  What can you do to improve?