Should you trust an online Lawyer?

I contemplated if I should find a lawyer in my town or find an online lawyer to trust. Both have their benefits. In person, you can actually meet who you will work with and build a relationship. Anything on-line is convenient, but convenience is not always the best option. For me, I considered my current needs.

I needed to establish my LLC. I needed some basic Terms and Conditions, T&C's, for my website. I needed an EIN, which is your tax ID number. What I didn't immediately need was an in-depth consultation. I looked high and low, scouring the internet to see who other small business owners were going to for basic legal needs.

I compared the top two online lawyer services, Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer. To set up an LLC, they seemed to have comparable pricing. But when it came to basic T&C's and Privacy policy, Rocket Lawyer was all online. I could even create the forms during the one-week free trial period. With Legal Zoom, the T&C's were starting at $399 and you had to schedule an appointment. Some people may find this type of service very necessary for their business. For me, it was much more than I needed at the time.

Which online lawyer did I go with?

I eventually settled on Rocket Lawyer. They had everything I was currently looking for and at a decent price. When I signed up, they even had a promotional one-week free. That was awesome. I could sign-up and look around, even create draft T&C's and Privacy Policy before paying a cent. The trial period was just what I needed to be sure these were the guys I was going with.

Here's what I spent:

  • Rocket Lawyer monthly subscription fee $39.99
  • LLC $125
  • EIN, Tax ID number $60
  • LLC Operating Agreement $0 free
  • LLC Process fee $49.95
  • Terms and Conditions $0 free
  • Privacy Policy $0 free

They also have online chat and an excellent contact form. With so many lawyers connected, you're likely to get a response pretty darn fast and it comes straight from the lawyer. The last time I looked at their home page, they had created 3+ million legal documents of which they have numerous options and served over 900k+ companies.

Evaluate exactly what you need for your specific case. You may choose to go to someone in person or someone who specializes in a particular field. For me, online and fast at a very low cost was exactly what I needed to get my business going.  Is an online lawyer right for you?

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